Starfield Suwon Library: A Geometric Galaxy

Take a trip through the solar system in the Starfield Mall chain’s latest library. This cubic masterpiece is sure to spark your sense of wonder as you stand beneath its ceiling-hung diorama of colorful planets.

Starfield Suwon Library’s Origin Story

You can think of Starfield Suwon Library as a kind of sequel to the famous library at COEX Mall. And I don't mean a sequel that turns out to be a disappointing snoozefest, but one of those rare gems that are even better than the original. That's Starfield Suwon in a nutshell: bigger, more daring, and more fantastical than you could’ve imagined.

A wide-angle shot of Starfield Suwon Library
Photo Credit: SouthKoreaPics on Reddit

One of the first things to know about where this library comes from is that all the Starfield Libraries are part of the Starfield Malls, a chain of mega malls in South Korea developed by Shinsegae Property. After the flood of attention - both local and international - their two-story library at Starfield COEX Mall got, they decided to one-up themselves with their newest mall in Suwon.

The other thing to know is they only opened in January 2024, so this library is still fresh off the grill. And as you’d expect from something “bigger and better” than the original, it’s twice the size of its COEX counterpart, taking up four floors.

Cubic Style in Outer Space

Whereas the library at COEX Mall is mostly just a really spacious library with massive, rounded bookcases, Suwon’s style is distinctly cubic with a much more artistic bent. Its shelves have solid, geometric angles and make a regular, zigzag pattern along the walls.

A close-up photo of Starfield Suwon Library's ceiling design.
Photo Credit: VisitKorea on X

Hanging from the glass ceiling is an enormous display of brightly painted planets. It’s a fitting tribute to the library’s name and helps pull you into the illusion that you are, indeed, taking a stroll through a field of stars. (At least, if the planets were tiny and centered in one spot above you - but still.)

More Than Just Paper - A Massive Catalog from Ebooks to Vinyls

It’s pretty common nowadays for libraries to have more than just paper-and-ink books in their catalog. So, I’m sure it’ll surprise no one that Starfield Suwon offers a huge variety of magazines, ereaders packed with ebooks, and newspapers, all of which you can read for free. Most, as you’d expect, are in Korean, but you can still find options in other languages.

A cubic style layout of Starfield Suwon Library filled with so many books with people around.
Photo Credit: Seoul Searching

The real surprise is having vinyl records that you can listen to - but in all fairness, the vinyls aren’t technically part of the library. Situated next to the library on the 5th floor is a vinyl-themed coffee shop. It offers a crystal clear view of the library’s expansive bookshelves, so even though you’re not in the library anymore, it certainly feels like you are.

For 18,500 won (about 14USD or 21AUD), you get a whole experience: a drink of your choice, a pair of headphones, access to one of many record players, and more vinyl records than you can shake a stick at. I’d honestly say it’s worth it for any music lover, just for the experience of getting to listen to an authentic vinyl record.

Enjoying the View from Inside a Bookcase

While there aren’t any places to buy food inside the library, there are several cafés that give you a picture-perfect view into the library. It makes for a great backdrop when sipping your favorite cup of coffee or tea. I’ve already mentioned Vinyl and its music collection, but there’s also Imi Coffee on the 7th floor, known for its top-notch coffee and gorgeous, trendy deserts. Or you can ease yourself into the familiar at the Starbucks on the 6th floor.

A stolen shot of people relaxing inside the Starfield Suwon Library.
Photo Credit: Seoul Searching

Bonus for Dog Lovers

Fun fact: this library (and the mall as a whole) is dog-friendly. They even offer dog strollers for patrons who are interested. You do have to keep your pet on a leash, but considering how pet-avoidant most book places are, it’s a pleasant surprise. There’s even something of a dog park on the roof of the mall called the Star Garden. It comes complete with eating areas in case you’d like to chow down while your pet runs wild and free.

PlanYour Visit

The library is located in Suwon, which is an hour out from Seoul. To get there, simply take the Seoul Metro Line 1 to Hwaseo Station. Take the northeast exit (either Exit 2 or 4). Starfield Suwon is catty-corner to the station, so all you hav e to do from there is cross the intersection to reach your destination.

Starfield Suwon Library in Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Within the mall itself, the library is smack-dab in the middle. It’s also on multiple floors, but I’d suggest entering from the 4th floor to start. That way, you can get the full impact of its space and unique design all at once.

Address: 4th-7th floors of Starfield Suwon, 175 Suseong-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi, South Korea

The library is open seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

While the library isn’t much of a “destination” itself (it is a library, after all, not a theme park), the fact that it’s inside a mall makes it an easy place to drop by on your way to shopping or any one of many entertainment hot spots.

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