Our Philosophy

There are 2 ways to live a life.

One way is by living by the idea that there is more bad than good in the world. While this frame of mind might help us enter a state of self-protection, it also induces a state of alert, a mindset that the world is out there to get you. That you must protect what is yours at all cost and assume the worst of other human beings. 

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The second way to see the world is through an understanding that, while yes, there are news that constantly show us that some humans are capable of harming others and destroying some parts of our beloved planet, that most of us, are inherently good people. That most of us have compassion, empathy, kindness and that we believe in humanity's ability to make progress. That we are capable of working towards a better future for the next generation. And while some days show struggles more than others, we have the wisdom to look back  and the resilience to work towards a better tomorrow.

When I was a child growing up in the 1980s & 1990s, I thought the 2020s would resemble something like Blade Runner or 2001: A Space Odyssey, where cars would fly, and where humans would travel into space, and where books would face a technological extinction from our civilisation.

Credit: Owen Roe on Twitter

Yet, this vision of the future still has a long way to go, as long as we, book lovers, have something to say about it.

While humans thrive on technological progress, we also have this tendency to know when to take a step back, and hang onto the things we love. The things that make us happy. The things that make us proud to be human.

Today, I am relieved to see that - more than ever, since computers have made their ways into our lives - we, humans, still value books as an inherent part of our humanity, they hold a very special place in our hearts, and an important part of our history but also our future.

Looking at book sales statistics and library trends, it is now evident that books are making a huge come back, perhaps even the biggest come back of the 21st Century, and I am very confident that the years to come are going to be an even bigger year for the resurgence of books, literary lifestyle and library/bookstore visits.

You, my fellow book lovers, are leading this resurgence. You are Protectors of the Written Word.

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And this site celebrates you and other people like you. But above all, it celebrates our most important invention: the book.

At 1000 Libraries, the book is our symbol of humanity's ability to do good.

And our mission is to make inspiration accessible to everyone through a collection of the best book-related stories.

In a world increasingly driven by digital noise and heartbreaking news, the joy of reading is a quiet but powerful revolution. We're committed to spreading this joy, free from the distractions of ads and commercial influences.

Our stories are beautifully written, journalistically accurate and curated with care, ensuring authenticity and impartiality.

We serve a diverse community of book lovers. Regardless of age, gender, or country, our site is your haven to safely celebrate your love for books. And 1000 Libraries is a beacon of non-religious, non-political light.

From one book lover to another, I thank you for keeping books alive in the 21st Century & I warmly welcome you into the 1000 Libraries community.

Vincent Phan, Editor-In-Chief