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The most
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in the world.

First Edition.

A magical journey awaits.

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A book lover's literary bucket list.


A world expedition starting from Europe, going through the Americas and ending in Asia.


Magnificent libraries, enchanting indie bookstores and bookish restaurants & cafes.


By some of the world's best photographers.
A coffee table deserves a touch of personality.
Whether you're a book lover, or know one, this is the perfect gift that can opened, again and again.
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epic itinerary.

an unforgettable journey

Curated by passionate book lovers.

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First Edition.

Limited to only 3,500 copies. Our First Edition has been crafted to be proudly displayed as the enchanting centerpiece of any book lover's home.
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Hand-drawn Illustrations.

More than just a book, it is an extraordinary voyage; an ode to the magic of book places, from libraries to entire book towns, celebrating book loving in all its glory.

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the most beautiful places in the world
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