‘Mychal The Librarian’ Partners with PBS Kids

Mychal Threets, fondly known as "Mychal the Librarian," is on the brink of a groundbreaking collaboration with PBS Kids that promises to ignite the imaginations of children and families alike. This dynamic supervising librarian from the Fairfield Civic Center Library has captured hearts with his infectious enthusiasm for literature and libraries, and now he's set to extend his reach through a captivating social media series.

Do You Feel the Magic?

Threets' journey to this pivotal moment is marked by a trail of accolades and recognition. Renowned publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post have sung praises of his influential work, shining a spotlight on his remarkable contributions to the world of libraries and literacy. In 2023, his unwavering dedication was duly honored with the prestigious librarian award for public service by the American Library Association, solidifying his status as a luminary in the field.

The buzz surrounding Mychal Threets has transcended the confines of traditional media, as evidenced by the fervent support he has garnered on social platforms. Fans have rallied behind him, championing his potential to reignite the magic of Reading Rainbow, a beloved show that captivated audiences from 1983 to 2006. Drawing parallels between Threets' vibrant persona and the show's legacy, supporters have launched petitions and flooded social media channels, urging PBS to consider him as the new face of educational programming. Although talks of casting or rebooting the series are yet to materialize, the online campaign has caught the attention of PBS Kids, signaling the resonance of Threets' vision with audiences young and old.

Mychal’s Announcement

In a spirited announcement on Instagram, Mychal Threets unveiled his collaboration with PBS Kids, igniting a wave of excitement among his followers. The social media series, set to explore real-life library stories, the joy of books, and the transformative power of literacy, embodies Threets' unwavering commitment to fostering a love for reading within communities. PBS Kids, in response to the announcement, expressed their enthusiasm for the project, affirming their dedication to delivering quality educational content that resonates with children and families.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

As Mychal Threets assumes the role of PBS Kids' resident librarian, he embarks on a mission to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning. With his magnetic personality and boundless passion for libraries, he is poised to captivate audiences across digital platforms, weaving tales that ignite imaginations and spark a thirst for knowledge.

What Can We Expect?

In the coming months, audiences can look forward to a wealth of engaging content that celebrates the joy of reading and the boundless possibilities that libraries offer. Mychal Threets, with his infectious energy and unwavering dedication, is ready to lead the charge, inspiring a new generation of readers to embark on their own literary adventures. As the pages turn on this exciting new chapter, one thing is certain: with Mychal the Librarian at the helm, the journey promises to be nothing short of magical.

See a sneakpeak of this collab here with a familiar childhood cartoon character:


Learn more about Mychal's mission by visiting his social media accounts.

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