Creator Spotlight: Daniela Barani, Founder of the Albion Road Book Club

The inspiring story of Daniela Barani, a regular book lover spreading her love for books, one book club at a time. 

In the picturesque city of Verona, Italy, one of our community members has carved out a niche that bridges her love for literature with literary travel. Meet Daniela Barani, the founder of the Albion Road Book Club and a prominent literary travel influencer. Daniela's passion for sharing her joy of reading with a global audience has turned into a full-fledged mission to inspire people to read more books and visit bookstores & libraries. A mission we 100% stand behind. With over 40,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook, she captivates book lovers worldwide with her enchanting literary journeys from local libraries to entire “book towns” in neighbouring countries. Locally, in Verona, Daniela is known for organising English-speaking book clubs and literary travel tours. Our editorial team had the pleasure of sitting down with her to learn about her story, her passion and her personal mission to share the joys of books with the world.

An Esteemed Member of the 1000 Libraries Community

Daniela's engagement with the 1000 Libraries community on Instagram marked a pivotal moment in her literary journey. "I was lucky enough to discover 1000 Libraries on Instagram," Daniela recounts. Vinny, the founder of 1000 Libraries, reached out to her last summer, a gesture that Daniela found delightful. Since then, she has been an active member, drawn to its engaging content and the dream of visiting all the places it showcases. "It makes me dream of all the places I would love to visit," she says, emphasizing the positive impact the community has had on her approach to travel and literature.

The Birth of the Albion Road Book Club

The Albion Road Book Club in Verona has become more than just a meeting point for book enthusiasts. Daniela's lifelong dream was to create a space where a common love for reading and the English language converge. Reflecting on the club's origins, Daniela shares, "I moved to Verona in 2008 from London and had always dreamed of creating a book club.” The club's name holds sentimental value, tracing back to her childhood in Stoke Newington, London. Stoke Newington's rich literary history, being home to writers like Daniel Defoe and Mary Wollstonecraft, provided a historical backdrop that Daniela found irresistibly charming.

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Cultivating Inclusion & Shared Experience

Daniela's vision for the book club was clear from the start: to create an inclusive space where diverse opinions and life stories could be shared and respected. "I really strive to create an inclusive and respectful atmosphere," Daniela explains. She emphasizes the importance of openness to new ideas and the joy of discovering that, through stories, we are not alone. This ethos has attracted a vibrant group of women from various backgrounds, all united by their love for reading. 

A photo of Daniela Barani with other book club members during their night out.

What she perhaps most cherishes are the moments when literature becomes a bridge connecting personal experiences and shared human emotions. "I also love it when people talk about their lives, their happy or difficult moments, and I think stories help us open up," Daniela reflects with warmth. This philosophy underscores her belief in the transformative power of storytelling, a tool that not only fosters empathy but also assures us of our shared humanity. For Daniela, books are more than just an escape; they're a reminder that, no matter our circumstances, we're never truly alone in our experiences.

But Daniela's mission extends beyond introspection and sharing personal struggles. She aims to infuse each gathering with joy, fun and positivity, ensuring that every member leaves with a lighter heart and a smile. "I want everyone to go away feeling happy and positive and with a smile on their face!" she exclaims. It's this balance of profound connection and uplifting camaraderie that makes the Albion Road Book Club a cherished sanctuary within the sometimes chaotic and overwhelming aspects of adult life. Daniela's approach not only cultivates a love for literature but also nurtures a community where laughter and stories intertwine, creating unforgettable memories.

A Thriving Community

The Book Club is now a flourishing community where the love for literature continuously grows. "The group keeps on growing, and I also have many new friends that might not be able to attend the meetups but they read the books that we choose and send me their ideas and feedback," Daniela shares with evident pride. This inclusivity extends beyond discussions, as Daniela has also masterminded tours of local, historic libraries and book festivals, enriching the group's appreciation for the cultural and literary heritage surrounding them. These activities have not only deepened their understanding but have also sown the seeds of enduring friendships within the group.

Daniela Barani, founder of the Albion Road Book Club, and other members gathered during a book night out.

One of Daniela's most cherished memories with the club underscores the joy and camaraderie that books can inspire. "We had a memorable trip to Brittany," she recalls, "The book we chose was set in Brittany, France, and was quite a funny book. Coupled with a few glasses of wine, our discussion turned exceptionally lively!" Such experiences underscore the club's spirit, where laughter and literature intertwine seamlessly. Daniela’s favorite book? That was a tough one to answer. But she explains that a shared favorite, "The Island of Missing Trees" by Elif Shafak, was very much enjoyed by everyone for its enchanting narrative through the eyes of a fig tree. Today, the book club counts a diverse group of women aged 35 to 60 from various backgrounds and nationalities, all united by a profound love for reading. Daniela marvels at how "we all read the same book and yet our interpretations and points of view can be completely different," making each meeting a unique exploration of perspectives.

The Literary Influencer: A Journey of Connection and Discovery

Daniela's passion led her to venture into the world of social media in 2019 as a natural extension of her mission: to share her dual passions for books and travel in a way that felt engaging and fun. Daniela's platform quickly evolved into a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, far exceeding her initial expectations. "I never imagined that I would gain such a large following," she admits. Her intention was always to inspire others to embrace reading and support local bookshops, believing firmly in the pivotal role these spaces play in knitting communities together. For Daniela, bookshops are not just retail outlets but vital cultural hubs that foster connections and sustain the social fabric of towns and cities.

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Daniela's unique approach to travel sets her apart from the average tourist. Her journeys are meticulously planned, with a keen eye on the literary history of her destinations. "I always research the places I visit and check out the literary history," she says, highlighting her quest to connect with the stories and authors tied to each locale. This passion once led her to Montolieu, a charming booktown in France, which she describes as a magical place nestled near the Pyrenees mountains, bustling with bookshops that beckon every bibliophile's dream. Yet, it's the local library in Palmers Green, London, that holds the dearest spot in her heart—a testament to her humble beginnings and the transformative power of reading. This library, where Daniela's journey with books began, thanks to her mother's encouragement, symbolizes the foundational role of such institutions in sparking lifelong love affairs with literature.

Advice for Aspiring Literary Enthusiasts

For those looking to embrace a literary lifestyle, Daniela offers sage advice: "Start small. Avoid all challenges and talk of reading one book per day. 10 minutes is enough to start with." She encourages exploring various formats to discover what works best for each individual. Her parting words resonate with a profound understanding of the transformative power of literature: "Books give us the means to understand that there are so many more things that bring us together than divide us."

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How to Find Out More?

"Anyone can join our book club and tours," Daniela states, inviting prospective members to reach out via Instagram @albionroadbookclub or via email ( for more information.

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