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What is 1000 Libraries?

With over 500,000 community members, 1000 Libraries is the world's largest online community of book lovers dedicated to celebrating the beauty of all book places from around the world - from libraries, to bookstores and home libraries.  

What's the story behind 1000 Libraries?

1000 Libraries is the brainchild of Vincent Phan, a Paris-born literature enthusiast and traveler. Raised amidst the rich cultural tapestry of Paris, Vinny's passion for books, architecture, and history led to the creation of 1000 Libraries. It was created during the 2020 pandemic as a way for book lovers to connect with likeminded people online. 1000 Libraries has since grown from a tiny online community to a world leading platform now employing nearly 10 people and dedicated to inspire people to visit more bookstores and libraries.

What will your book be about?

Our upcoming book is a curated journey through some of the world's most magnificent libraries and bookstores. It will not only showcase their architectural splendor but will delve into their history, the stories they hold, and their significance in the literary world. It's designed to be a coffee table book that book lovers can proudly display in their homes, taking readers on a literary world tour.

When will it be published?

We're currently in the final stages of design and production. Our anticipated release date is November/December 2023. We are launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon where we'll be releasing our gorgeous first edition in a limited run. We then plan to distribute our second print in bookstores and libraries all around the world.

How do I find out more?

For more details, exclusive behind-the-scenes looks, and regular updates, sign up to our email list below. We promise not to spam. Unless you call beautiful photos of book places "spam". But we highly doubt you do!

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